Sues, short for "Mary Sues", are characters that are "perfect" in most ways.  Their creator is normally one who is new to role playing and tried a bit too hard to make an interesting character.  Sues can be found not only in role play, but also in stories, Fanfiction, etc...

There are many catagories of sues, the most well known being the "Perfect Sue".  Traits of this sue are:

- Unnatural hair/eye colors.

- Being "half" something.  (occasionally, there are sues who are "half" over five things.  Of course, this adds up to over 100%, making you wonder what on earth the creator is thinking.)

- Incredibly smart, pretty, sexy.

- Able to befriend or attract virtually any character.

Along with other things.

Another catagory is the "Pity Sue".  Traits are:

- Tragic past (i.e raped, abused, kidnapped, orphaned...)

- Shy/Withdrawn

- Seems to like drawing attention (even if the creator objects)