You're the triceratops.

Since LJRP is full of people who are failures at social interaction , they often become scared of text on the internet. This is a pervasive phenomena known as "intimidation".

How to Be IntimidatingEdit

  • Don't punctuate your sentences with smilies (e.g. :), :D, XD, :/). In fact, never use smilies. They propogate a sense of friendliness.
  • Don't ask questions. When you give the person you're talking to a choice, you are being submissive. Better idea: give orders. Or just tell them what you want without bargaining.
  • Don't talk to anyone OOC unless you have to, or you're both equally intimidating and can feed off each other's daunting e-presences.
  • Be a general bitch/asshole. Voice your unpopular opinions on things.

If You're Intimidated By Someone on the InternetEdit

Grow some balls.